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Located in Tarrant County, Arlington, Texas is part of the region known as Mid-Cities that covers the Fort Worth-Dallas-Arlington metropolitan area. Arlington is one of the major cities in Texas and can be found located 12 miles East of Fort Worth’s downtown area, and about 20 miles to the West of Dallas’s downtown area. On the borders of Arlington are Fort Worth, Mansfield, Kennedale and Grand Prairie.

Source of great pride to Arlington locals is the University of Texas at Arlington, a well-known research institution that grants doctorates. Among other great facilities and landmarks making their home in Arlington are the General Motors assembly plant, American Mensa, AT & T Stadium (home of the famous Dallas cowboys), the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (Region IV), Texas Health Resources, the original Six Flags (Six Flags over Texas) and its sibling Hurricane Harbor. Another source of great pride to the people of Arlington is the Globe Life Park, a baseball-only facility, and home of the Texas Rangers. Arlington’s history dates back as early as the 1840’s and maybe even before that when the Europeans settled in the area. A trading post was established in Marrow Bone Springs shortly after the battle of May 1841 between the Native Americans of the Village Creek settlement and General Edward H. Tarrant (for whom Tarrant County was named). It was not long before word got that the rich soil was ripe for planting and farmers soon settled in the area. Agricultural businesses were the next logical step in the development of what is known today as Arlington, with several becoming well established by the end of the century.

When General Motors established an assembly plant in 1954 Arlington underwent a boom, and along with the aerospace development, the city became one of the fastest growing in the nation between 1950 and 1990. Census figures for 1950 recorded the population at a little less than 8000 and 1990 at a little more than 261,000. That figure has since grown to 374,000 in 2011. During this explosive growth period, the first Six Flags theme park was opened in 1961 (Six Flags over Texas). Today Six Flags theme parks are located across Northern America, Canada, and Mexico. During this same development period, the Washington Senators baseball team relocated to Arlington and began playing as the Texas Rangers (1972). In 2009 Arlington welcomed the Dallas Cowboys to what was then called the Cowboys Stadium and is now known as the AT&T Stadium. Today Arlington is the Bowling world headquarters and is home to the U.S. Bowling Congress, along with the Bowling Proprietors Association of America. The International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame located on the International Bowling Campus on Six Flags Drive in Arlington, making it a must-see destination for bowlers from all parts of the world. Arlington has no shortage of shopping or entertainment, with a surfeit of restaurants (fast food, casual and formal dining), movie theaters, an ice skating rink, retail outlets and the popular The Parks Mall. Arlington is also home to one of the nation’s largest community theaters, the Theater Arlington, which produces live stage productions all year round, as well as conducting acting classes for both children and adults. The University of Texas – Arlington also boasts a live theater venue, the Mainstage Theatre.

The University of Texas at Arlington’s Planetarium Dome Theater provides spectacular star-gazing events as well as educational tours and field trips that introduce the wonder of space projected onto the 60-foot diameter dome via a Digistar 5 DLP, a state of the art projection system.

Air access to Arlington is via the city-owned Arlington Municipal Airport, which is located within the city itself. The airport often takes the overflow from the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport and several aircraft service companies operate within the airport grounds.

Up until as recently as 2013 Arlington resisted the implementation of a public transportation system, causing it to be negatively labeled as the largest U.S. city to not to have one in place. While proposals had been put to the vote on three occasions between 1980 and 2013 Arlington residents had voted against having public transportation. In August 2013, after the Arlington City Council unanimously approved a 2-year trial bus route on weekdays between the campus of University of Texas – Arlington, and the Trinity Railway Express CentrePort Station (near Dallas/Ft Worth Airport), dubbed the Metro Arlington Xpress (MAX). The majority of the funding for the MAX program was provided by the city of Arlington and the University of Texas – Arlington, with assistance from other businesses including some regional transportation entities. The vote by the Arlington City Council in 2015 to extend the program for an additional year was successful, but in order for the MAX program to become permanent Arlington residents needed to vote to approve the necessary funding. Today the Metro Arlington Xpress is still servicing the needs of the residents and visitors to the city of Arlington, Texas.

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