Ready for Anything

沙巴体育在线投注in widener’s state-of-the-art nursing simulation labs, and at clinical rotations at major philadelphia-area hospitals, kaylee horchak has gained a healthy dose of experience preparing for a career in pediatric nursing.

Kaylee Horchak
Class of 2019
Nursing Major
  • School of Nursing
Career Plan: Pediatric Nurse

沙巴体育在线投注born premature and weighing only three pounds, kaylee horchak spent the first weeks of her life in a neonatal intensive care unit. the dedicated team of nurses that cared for her left a lasting impression.

沙巴体育在线投注“i’ve always loved little kids and known that i wanted to give back to the profession that was so influential in my first month of life,” said kaylee.

沙巴体育在线投注two decades later, kaylee is on the precipice of a career in pediatric nursing. and she's ready for anything, thanks to a healthy dose of clinical rotations, externships, time spent in the university's nursing simulation lab, and other hands-on experiences.

an apogee scholar and student-athlete, kaylee has also honed her leadership skills, preparing her for a lifetime of success.

i will be so ready for the real world because of the experiences widener has given me and the professional experiences. i know i will be ready to tackle anything that’s thrown at me. — kaylee horchak '19

Clinical Experiences

through multiple clinical rotations, kaylee experienced a wide range of nursing specialties, explored possible career paths, learned how to interact with patients and how to deal with real-world scenarios.

Hub of Healthcare

沙巴体育在线投注attending a university near philadelphia provided kaylee with access to world-class hospitals and medical settings for her field experiences, including children's hospital of philadelphia, a top-rated pediatric center.

On the Field

at widener, kaylee pursued her other great passion – lacrosse. the nursing program is flexible so she was able to balance classes and clinical rotations and still play the sport she loves.

Career Plan: Pediatric Nurse

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